Introduction of Automatic Marketing System

In recent years, due to the profits of traditional corporate declined constantly and internet technology develops rapidly, many companies' marketing model began to change from traditional marketing to online marketing. Wechat marketing groups as a major force in internet marketing, rising up like mushrooms, which also ushered their harvest years. Driven by powerful interests, competitive groups growing increasingly, and fierce competition with each other. In this age of speed and resource decides everything, whether you can get more client resources in the shortest time, which determines whether an enterprise can survive in a competitive fight. In the background, a group control system comes into being, it helps partners to get more clients, makes them ahead of the competition, it's in an invincible position, and engulfed the entire wechat marketing quickly, it is----"acools automatic marketing system".

Group control system

--the artifact of wechat marketing

This is a group control system that can control hundreds of mobile phones intensively and hundreds of marketing script. Through the group control system, a computer can control hundreds of mobile phones, it can be realized by pressing a key, a large number of marketing script dialog control intensively, it will get fans and operate automatically at the same time. It's a new way of mobile marketing that can get lots of real fans rapidly, it became a new marketing system of wechat marketing.

Countless fans are added,

make marketing efficiency increase to 100 times.

WeChat marketing is a main way of getting profit in new era, but things are more complicated than they were expected. Wechat and share our moments by hands, open more wechats, switch back and forth, etc., it not only makes people overwhelmed, but waste a lot of travel time. In the Internet age, time is more valuable than gold, only when we improve the efficiency greatly, can we make big marketing winners. Acools group control system frees your hands, improves the efficiency greatly, get fans automatically, operate full-automatically.

Special feature

Acools adopts the site cluster to control cell phones, it uses local network technology to control thousands

of mobile phones and completes the work at the same time. Using the underlying custom ROM can achieve

looking at every details of the mobile phone, including screen, GPS, button, as well as a variety of sensors.

A computer control
hundreds of mobile phones

Operating easier and seizing market opportunities quickly. A computer can control hundreds of mobile phones at the same time. Computer graphics and mobile screen realize synchronous operation and real group control, it operates more convenient, easier, low-cost, and seize the market opportunities rapidly.

Thousands of friends
are added everyday

Quantitative change decides qualitative change, the flow determines everything, through active adding , group adding, passive adding, a wechat ID can make wechat friends with 40 people, creating thousands of times a day for the enterprise to establish contact with customers.

Automatic marketing

Flexible, easy shuttle, it can realize multiple mobile phones to send moments , send information to each friend, forward link, get likes and comments automatically. And increase the frequency of interactions with friends effectively, improve the viscosity of fans.

Simulate manual operation intelligently

Simulating manual operation will avoid the risk of Wechat closed, so that marketing more secure and stable.

Why choose acools group control system

Acools will provide you with the most comprehensive after-sales service, make the group control system solve your worries perfectly!

Marketing team of more than 100 persons one to one exclusive VVVIP service

pre-sales support

Our pre-sales personnel will provide you with the most professional explanation of product features, and let you has a comprehensive understanding and mastering of the product.

software implementation

Our trainers will provide you with on-site training or remote training. According to your company's structure and business model, we will provide the best solution.

after-sales service

We will update software regularly and also the user guider, you not just buy a set of software system, but a whole set of wechat marketing solutions.

Service vision

  • For the wechat business, acools group control system is essential for each function, especially getting fans and group control.
  • A perfect combination with reducing costs and improving the efficiency , it will not be blocked by mobile carrier.
  • Efficient business model, excellent team,field-leading technology!
  • More efficient in marketing, less in labor cost, Wechat marketing has no worries from now on!
  • Acools technology provides the clients with the best mobile phone group control system.
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