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Chongqing acools technology is committed to the network marketing group control hardware devices and software development, research and development, manufacture and application implement. In Chongqing and Shenzhen are both equipped with R & D center and production base.

In recent years, the enterprises competition is increasingly fierce, network marketing and sales rise rapidly, as the main media of the Internet, Baidu ,360 and other publicity platforms to start monopoly prices, even percentage of the group-buying platform such as Meituan increased constantly, which result in the network cost increased. The traditional telephone sales are also faced with the challenges of rising telephone costs, refusing to increase the rate, how to get more users is the most troublesome problem for all enterprises with the lowest cost in the shortest time.

In order to solve this problem, the company launched a network group control software, so that your enterprise can achieve automatic sales efficiently. We always adhere to the independent research and development, the purpose of technological innovation, refined production as the basis, continuous development of quality as the driving force, excellent after-sales service. high-tech products for the enterprise's core competitiveness. We are a young, knowledgeable management team, who advocate a scientific and standardized enterprise management model with a strong sense of innovation and the pursuit of sustainable development of the spirit of artisans. We will inherit the idea of "Have faith forward, honest to the long-term", and is determinate to be a professional, industrial-grade worldwide, and military rugged IOT device one-stop provider. We aim to improve the R & D strength, focus on user experience, create the brand by high quality, efficient service and innovative technology, in order to provide customers with professional integrated customized service solutions and do little contribution to the society.

After many years' persistent efforts and innovation,our enterprise has gained in the initial stage of industry, the high-speed development period, the mature period. The R&D technology of our products become mature, and our company has more than 50 intellectual property patents. Besides, product sales and service in nearly 100 countries and regions,have established nearly 200 strategic partners. Our projects from all the customer and partner, covering network communications, industrial control, energy, medical, precision instruments, aerospace, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, financial, power monitoring and control, digital education, security surveillance, government, business, military, service and other fields. Forming a global market distribution and widely recognized social, has a high brand recognition and industry reputation.

Consolidating the capability of research and development, focus on users' experience. It uses high quality, innovative technologies to build new brand symbol, provides customers with professional integrative customized service solutions, and makes contribution to society.

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